• Julie Myrtille at Umlauf Sculpture Garden Party
  • Conversion chart Cake yeast and  Dry yeast
  • A letter from Sambava Madagascar
  • Valentine’s Celebration at Julie Myrtille booth
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration by Julie Myrtille
  • Julie Myrtille eBoutique now open!

Galette des Rois 2019

Galette des rois-Julie Myrtille Austin

Chef Julie Myrtille à Austin vous propose comme chaque année à cette période ses traditionnelles galettes des Rois. Les galettes des rois chez Julie Myrtille Bakery sont artisanales, réalisée avec un feuilletage pur beurre maison croustillant et léger et garni d’une frangipane crémeuse à la douce saveur. Les galettes des Rois de Julie Myrtille sont…

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10 Spring Kiss Pop Up Store Julie Myrtille_comp

Spring Kiss Pop Up store 1st Edition

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Chef Julie Myrtille teamed up with Sa Ten to offer a sweet and colorful program : the Spring Kiss Pop Up store. Held in March 14th at Sa Ten coffee, Spring Kiss pop up store by Julie Myrtille was unique experience that is different than what one can get…

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Julie Myrtille at Umlauf Sculpture Garden Party

Chef Julie Myrtille is happy to partner with Umlauf Scupture for their annual Garden Party Platinium Edition, this April 26th, 2018 to offer French delicatessen and a giveaway. On Thursday, April 26, 2018, the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum will celebrate two decades of bringing the community together for fine wine, decadent bites and live music…

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Equivalence Cake yeast and Dry Yeast _ Julie Myrtille

Conversion chart Cake yeast and Dry yeast

I found fresh cake yeast (called Levure Boulangère Fraîche in French) difficult to find in stores whereas in France you can get it at any big stores. It is usually the yeast I use mostly for raised dough like brioche or croissant dough. Due to the limited availability of the cake yeast, like many bakers…

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Madagascar Vanilla_Julie Myrtille1

A letter from Sambava Madagascar

Vanilla beans are the seeds of an orchid. Vanilla is an essential cooking ingredient in pastry for which there is no matching substitute. This year the price of vanilla has reached record highs, it value just reflects the high demand for the spice on the global market. Hence, the vast majority of vanilla-flavored products on…

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Valentine’s Day Celebration by Julie Myrtille

Cœur d’Amour Dacquoise almond biscuit, champagne rose This delicate delicacy is available at Julie Myrtille’s booth at the Farmers Market. Order at order@juliemyrtille.us     St Honore d’Amour Biscuit sablé, French choux filled with fresh raspberry pastry cream and Vanilla pastry cream, Raspberry icing, Chocolate Vanilla and Raspberry chantilly.  This delicate delicacy is available at Julie…

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