Valentine Celebration_Julie Myrtille 1

Valentine’s Celebration at Julie Myrtille booth

Valentine Celebration_Julie Myrtille 1

The weekend is over and I would like to share with you the exciting booth we set up to celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday at the Farmers Market. ☺

Valentine Celebration_Julie Myrtille on coldest day

Unfortunately, it was also the coldest day of the month.

Valentine Celebration_Julie Myrtille 2

At Julie Myrtille’s booth, there were still customer coming in first thing this morning waiting to get our treat. Thank you so much!

We were celebrating all thing sweet for Valentine’s Day with ou special Valentine treat : Coeur d’amour and St Honoré d’Amour, macaroons, french pastries. You can still order sweet treat online at our eBoutique.

Valentine Celebration_Julie Myrtille 3

We would like to thank all the guest that come by our booth on that freezing weather, to help support our local artisan French bakery. This warm us up.

Valentine Celebration_Julie Myrtille 4

We are here for you every Saturday and Sunday at the Farmers Market, rain or shine.

Lots of love to you, and happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Julie Myrtille

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