New tea Jasmine Assam _ Julie Myrtille

New addition to Julie Myrtille’s tea collection : Jasmine Assam tea

New tea Jasmine Assam _ Julie Myrtille

Temperature starts dropping in Austin, it’s time for a cup of tea.

On the mission to revive the French culture of fine tea and patisseries, I’m proud to announce that I’ve created a beautiful new tea for you : Jasmine Assam. A refreshing burst of blooming jasmine and black Assam, a true classic tea. Jasmine tea is the oldest scented tea in history and one of my favorite blend.

New tea Jasmine Assam _ Julie Myrtille2

Fair Trade Certified and organic loose leaf, this Jasmine Assam tea blended by Julie Myrtille, has a bright and lighly floral aroma of blooming jasmine. An overall pleasant flavor, lovely and calming.

New tea Jasmine Assam _ Julie Myrtille3

Visit Julie Myrtille’s booth at the Farmers Market this week end to enjoy free sample of our artisan created tea.New tea Jasmine Assam _ Julie Myrtille4

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