Julie Myrtille on Fox7-8Wcomp

Chef Julie Myrtille invited on FOX7

Julie Myrtille on Fox7-1W-comp
Yesterday we were invited at FOX7 studio yesterday to tape a segment, to show on TV a technique as a French pastry chef operating the SFC Farmer Market in Austin.

In this post, I just wanted to share with you some lovely pictures of this amazing morning. :)

Can’t wait to watch the segment next Wednesday on FOX7.  I will keep you all posted when this segment is going to be broadcasted on TV.

Julie Myrtille on Fox7-2W-comp Julie Myrtille on Fox7-3W-comp Julie Myrtille on Fox7-4W-comp Julie Myrtille on Fox7-5W-comp Julie Myrtille on Fox7-6W-comp

Julie Myrtille on Fox7-7W-comp
Julie Myrtille sharing some pastries with Lauren on FOX


Julie Myrtille on Fox7-8Wcomp
Melanie Roy, Julie Myrtille and Lauren Petrowski from FOX7

Thank you for having us at FOX7 Studio!

Repost from @laurenonfox

Julie Myrtille Repost from Lauren on Fox

I am so pleased you enjoyed the pastry Lauren ♥. Can’t wait to see the segment on TV ! :)

Repost by FOX7:

Fox7 retweet from JulieMyrtille1

And Thank you FOX7 for the retweet! Your team are awesome and we can’t wait to serve anyone at the SFC Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday ♥

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