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Celebration of the French Galette des Rois in Austin by Julie Myrtille


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January month is the time of year when we are celebrating Galette des rois in France, the center of gatherings during the winter months when families gather around the table to find the little bean baked inside the cake. Whoever finds the charm in their piece of King’s Cake is crowned “King for the Day”. A lovely tradition.

Indeed, every bakery in France has Galettes de rois for sale, during all the January month in honor of Three Kings Day, the day that the three wise men brought baby Jesus gifts. Eating Galette des rois has long been a way to celebrate Epiphany in France.

Traditional Galette des Rois (King cake) is a cake made of two layers of buttery reversed puff pastry crust filled with creamy almond frangipane. To be even more accurate, I have to say that the Epiphany tradition of Kings cake even divide France into two parts:

  • the North : French people would enjoy a traditional golden galette des rois made from puff pastry and filled with Frangipane



  • the Southern part of France : French people would enjoy the kings cake from Provence with candied fruits.
Brioche des Rois are eaten in the Southern part of France

Celebrated on 6 January, Epiphany corresponds to the moment when the baby Jesus is presented to the Three Wise Men, Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar.

Serving tradition

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In the past, the pastry would be cut into as many portions as there were guests, plus one, a symbolic slice for any unexpected visitor, or poor person, that should pass by. The last one, called the “part du pauvre” or poor man’s share, was for the first poor person who stopped by the house.

The family tradition is for everyone to gather together to cut the famous cake. When the cake is cut into slices, the youngest person (allegedly the most innocent), usually a child, goes under the table and blindly points out the guests, who are then given their slice of the cake.

In the 18th century, the fève was a porcelain figurine representing the nativity and characters from the crib. Nowadays there is a wide range of different fève which are much sought-after by collectors.

Modern celebration

Pastry chefs across France make their own versions of the traditional cake.  The fève get more and more creative as well. In earlier times, the charm was simply a dried bean, hence its French name fève. Today, charms is a tiny porcelain figures representing the nativity and characters from the crib or collectable form from brand.



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Julie Myrtille take tradition seriously and will serve Galette des Rois (traditional French King cake) flaky pastry handcrafted in the pure traditional French way (inverted puff pastry technique made with European butter), filled with the traditional homemade Frangipane at the the Farmers Market in Austin* during all the January month.

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By the slice ($6) and the cake (6 serving and 8 serving). Every galette contain a real dried bean hidden inside like earlier time and comes with a king crown made of gold cardboard and a charm porcelain figurine representing the nativity and characters from the crib (supplied separately from the galette for insertion or keep).

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Each Galette des Rois by Julie Myrtille comes with a king crown made of gold cardboard
Galette des rois in Austin by Julie Myrtille_Feves2018
…and a charm porcelain figurine representing the nativity and characters from the crib to keep.

Sizes and prices

2 different cake sizes:
$36 for a 6 serving     22 cm/8.5 inch
$48 for 8 serving        26 cm/10 inch


You can enjoy the Galette des Roi by Julie Myrtille at the following Farmers Market in Austin :

  • SFC Farmers Market Downtown
    (Saturday from 9-1pm) / Republic Square Park, 422 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701
  • Texas Farmers Market Lakeline
    (Saturday from 9-1pm) / 11200 Lakeline Mall Drive, Cedar Park, Texas 78613
  • Texas Farmers Market Mueller
    (Sunday from 10-2pm) / At the “Browning Hangar”, 4209 Airport Blvd, Austin, Texas 78722


Ordering are recommended for whole cake. Order are open from Dec 30 to until Jan 24th.

Order now by email until Jan 24th.


Pick up your order made the next week end at the Farmers Market listed previously.

Thank you for your love and support,

•*¨`*•✿.ℒℴѵℯ. ✿•*¨`*•
Julie Myrtille


Tasting tips

Preheat oven to 160 ° C for 5 minutes. Leave the cake in the bag and place it in the oven off for 10 minutes.

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