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A letter from Sambava Madagascar

Madagascar Vanilla_Julie Myrtille1

Vanilla beans are the seeds of an orchid. Vanilla is an essential cooking ingredient in pastry for which there is no matching substitute. This year the price of vanilla has reached record highs, it value just reflects the high demand for the spice on the global market.

Hence, the vast majority of vanilla-flavored products on the market use artificial flavoring, such as synthetic Vanillin. Synthetic vanillin is much cheaper than natural vanilla, the list of ingredient of those product may show up as vanillin or simply “artificial flavors.”

However, considering the flavor real vanilla bean bring, I don’t mind buy top-quality vanilla despite the wild fluctuations in vanilla prices as I would never compromise on quality and authenticity. As a small town baker, I bought my vanilla beans directly from a small Madagascar farmer.

Indeed, Madagascar has the best and most flavorful vanilla of the world, that Vanilla is called Bourbon Vanilla. Bourbon vanilla is the name for all vanilla grown in Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean. Bourbon vanilla is the strongest and most full-flavored of all the vanillas. Cultivating vanilla beans is an intentional and careful process. Each flower must be hand-pollinated, each bean must be hand-picked.

I am so excited as I just received this morning a beautiful picture of my order that has been shipped from Madagascar. I am so looking forward to receive it and to bake pastries from Austinite with it! I use vanilla bean in my pastries and Jam, especially my Pear Vanilla jam.

Madagascar Vanilla_Julie Myrtille2
I am so looking forward to bake pastries from Austinite with it! I use vanilla bean in my pastries and Jam, especially my Pear Vanilla jam.

Madagascar Vanilla_Julie Myrtille3


Chef Julie Myrtille,

You are the ambassador for Excellence in French pastry, so I was very honoured to receive your order this morning in Sambava-Madagascar.

I have heard a lot about you and your blog and I congratulate you on the awesome work you do both in France and in the USA, admiring your passion your blog reflects your sincerity. I’m flattered you chose our black Bourbon vanilla.

Be insured dear Julie Myrtille that we will take the utmost care in preparing your order for Austin-Texas.

The vanilla Bourbon you ordered is a vanilla “GOURMET-PREMIUM “, it is a high-end vanilla, black unsplit, refined to point. Rare, it is supple and oily, it has a very chocolate and easy to crack fragrance. This “Gourmet Premium” pod weighs 3 to 5 grams and measures 17 to 20 cm. Its vanillin rate is 1.6 to 2.4% and its moisture content varies from 36 to 38%.

I am sure that my vanilla Bourbon will delight you and that your pastries and your pear-vanilla jams will only be better.

Malagasy regards,
C.E.O. of



Chef Julie Myrtille,

Vous êtes l’Ambassadrice le l’Excellence en pâtisserie Française, j’ai donc été très honoré de recevoir votre commande ce matin à Sambava-Madagascar.

J’ai beaucoup entendu parlé de vous et de votre blog et je ne peux que vous félicitez du travail que vous accomplissez tant en France qu’au USA, admiratif de votre passion votre blog reflète votre sincérité. Je suis flatté que vous ayez choisi notre vanille Bourbon Noire.

Soyez persuadé chère Julie Myrtille que nous prendrons le plus grand soin dans la préparation de votre commande pour Austin – Texas.

La vanille Bourbon que vous avez commandé est une vanille “GOURMET-PREMIUM”, c’est une vanille haute de gamme, noire non fendue, affinée à point. Rare, elle est souple et grasse, elle a un parfum très chocolatée et facile à fendre. Cette gousse “Gourmet Premium” pèse de 3 à 5 grammes et mesure de 17 à 20 cm. Son taux de vanilline est de 1,6 à 2,4 % et son taux d’humidité varie de 36 à 38 %.

Je suis persuadé que ma vanille Bourbon vous enchantera et que vos pâtisseries et vos confitures poire-vanille ne seront que meilleures.

Amitiés Malgaches,
C.E.O. de



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