• Valentine’s Celebration at Julie Myrtille booth
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration by Julie Myrtille
  • Julie Myrtille eBoutique now open!
  • Chef Julie Myrtille invited on FOX7
  • Brioche Perdue
  • Hommage à Paul Bocuse

Conversion chart Cake yeast and Dry yeast

Equivalence Cake yeast and Dry Yeast _ Julie Myrtille

I found fresh cake yeast (called Levure Boulangère Fraîche in French) difficult to find in stores whereas in France you can get it at any big stores. It is usually the yeast I use mostly for raised dough like brioche or croissant dough. Due to the limited availability of the cake yeast, like many bakers…

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Madagascar Vanilla_Julie Myrtille1

A letter from Sambava Madagascar

Vanilla beans are the seeds of an orchid. Vanilla is an essential cooking ingredient in pastry for which there is no matching substitute. This year the price of vanilla has reached record highs, it value just reflects the high demand for the spice on the global market. Hence, the vast majority of vanilla-flavored products on…

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Valentine’s Day Celebration by Julie Myrtille

Cœur d’Amour Dacquoise almond biscuit, champagne rose This delicate delicacy is available at Julie Myrtille’s booth at the Farmers Market. Order at order@juliemyrtille.us     St Honore d’Amour Biscuit sablé, French choux filled with fresh raspberry pastry cream and Vanilla pastry cream, Raspberry icing, Chocolate Vanilla and Raspberry chantilly.  This delicate delicacy is available at Julie…

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JULIE MYRTILLE eBoutique now available

Julie Myrtille eBoutique now open!

Excited to share with you that Julie Myrtille Jam and pastries are now available to purchase online exclusively through our online E-Boutique. Visit Julie Myrtille Bakery eBoutique exclusively for America here : www.juliemyrtille.us  

Julie Myrtille on Fox7-8Wcomp

Chef Julie Myrtille invited on FOX7

Yesterday we were invited at FOX7 studio yesterday to tape a segment, to show on TV a technique as a French pastry chef operating the SFC Farmer Market in Austin. In this post, I just wanted to share with you some lovely pictures of this amazing morning. Can’t wait to watch the segment next Wednesday on FOX7.  I…

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Brioche Perdue_JulieMyrtille10

Brioche Perdue

Ancien French tradition was to make “pain perdu”, which literally translates as ” lost bread”, as a way to recycle stale bread or “pain rassis”, to turn it into a delicious treat. Pain Perdu is a populat recipe in every French household for generation, and it is know in the US as French toast, a…

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